For over 30 years, Sulaski & Co. has been a developer and builder.

As a Community Developer

Our experience spans master planned resorts, towns with Traditional Neighborhood Design (TND) and communities responsive to their environs, a cornerstone of Frederick Law Olmsted. We begin with thoughtful study of the land leading to a design of roads, parks, walking paths and trails, civic and commercial buildings and open spaces that create vibrant and lasting neighborhoods and communities.

As a Home Builder

With a team of architects and craftsmen, we start with precedents and concepts that become award-winning homes. Our homes range from a mountain rustic to modern interpretations of classic homes. Our team follows a design and building process delivering quality, beauty and years of enjoyment.

The Team

Lori Malone

Lori is our Office Administrator, which is a position that demands tremendous multi-tasking and organizational skills. She is also a mother of three and a worship leader, and is married to Kevin Malone, who oversees our construction team. Lori takes on every task with a positive attitude and keeps us all on track.

Tara Jordan

Tara Jordan is a wife and a mother. Her passion for design started with designing and planning weddings. Tara’s experience allows her to creatively design spaces that reflect each and every client specifically.

Dmitry Karpushev

Dmitry Karpushev and his wife came from the Ukraine to the United States in 2000, becoming US citizens; they also have seven children, two sons-in-law and one grandchild. For the past 22 years, Dmitry has worked in the construction industry, specializing in finishing carpentry. For Dmitry, carpentry is not work but rather his joy, and that is evident to everyone who works with him.

Viktor Krasnov

Viktor Krasnov, his ten siblings and his parents moved from the Ukraine to the United States in 1995. Being taught by his parents to work hard, Viktor learned the language, graduated, became a US citizen and was apprenticed in carpentry and project management. Patience and thoughtful planning reveal Viktor’s exceptional craftsmanship. Viktor and his wife, Daria, have four children.

Kevin Malone

Kevin Malone is a ninth generation Bahamian whose family arrived in the Bahamas in the 1770s. Each generation was boat builders, home builders and community leaders. Kevin and his wife, Lori, also of Bahamian descent, moved to Asheville in 1995 to raise their children. Kevin’s keen aesthetics and craftsmanship provide invaluable foresight in building each home.

Stephen Pollack

Stephen Pollack was born in Columbia, South Carolina. He earned a degree in biology from the College of Charleston but started in the construction business over 15 years ago, with an apprenticeship with a master carpenter. He and his wife, Hayden, married in 2010, and he continued in construction, gaining experience and expertise.

Robert L. Sulaski

Robert L. Sulaski has been developing master planning communities and homebuilding for over 30 years in Florida and North Carolina. He has served as a project manager for Arvida and Walt Disney Imagineering and as an executive for Biltmore Farms, concentrating on mixed-use master planned communities and homebuilding. Robert is a licensed North Carolina general contractor.