Creating Fine Homes

Our team of architects and craftsmen uses our client’s ideas and dreams of the ideal home, taking a design from the architect our client chooses to turn a dream into a reality. From there, our design team follows our step-by-step process to allow our clients to be involved in each phase of our projects.

Our Work

Our homes range in style from mountain vernacular to modern. Here are a few examples of homes our team had the privilege to be involved with.

House Plans Available

Bear Creek
3004 SF, 3BD, 3.5BA

3250 SF, 4BD, 3.5BA

2511 SF, 3BD, 3BA

3220 SF, 4BD, 3.5BA

3094 SF, 4BD, 3.5BA

Hickory Summit
3385 SF, 4 BD, 4.5BA

Seven Sisters
2542 SF, 3BD, 3.5BA

Forest Hills
3679 SF, 4BD, 4.5BA

Upcoming Projects




Towering Oaks

Hickory Top

Mountain Air


Home Building Process

Home Building Process


The ball is officially rolling! While we obtain your building permit and schedule the start of construction, the following choices will be the next on your list:

  • Confirm your house plans and specifications included in your executed contract
  • Select windows and exterior doors – You will be choosing window style, exterior door style, window coverings, window trim color and hardware
  • Start cabinet design and cabinet hardware selection
  • Start appliance and countertop selection
  • Select exterior stone/brick
  • Select garage door
  • Select exterior colors
  • Select gutter colors


We are breaking ground on your home! Crews will be digging the basement, pouring the footings and forming the walls. At this time, you will need to start making the following decisions:

  • Finalize and place your order for windows and exterior doors
  • Start fireplace selection and design
  • Start plumbing fixture and Bathroom hardware selections
  • Start consideration of natural gas items and locations: grill, fire pit, etc.
  • Start deck material selection
  • Start landscape design
  • Start home media selections


The framing crew will be setting your floors, constructing walls and raising your trusses, and your house will start to take on its eventual shape. Before the framing is completed, you will need to have made the following choices:

  • Finalize cabinets and appliances
  • Finalize fireplace selection and design
  • Finalize deck material selection
  • Finalize plumbing fixture and bathroom hardware selections. This will include the master shower layout/showerhead and accessory location(s).
  • Start hardwood floor and tile selections
  • Start trim carpentry selections (interior door style, trim style and railing style), if not shown on your house plans


At this time, our vendors will be laying out the basic lines for your electricity, heating & cooling and plumbing while they have access to the wall interiors. There are more decisions coming your way:

  • Finalize natural gas items (grill, fire pit, pool heater)
  • Finalize home media selections
  • Finalize electrical layout. We will be scheduling an electrical walk through at this time with our electrician.
  • Finalize trim selections. This includes interior style choices for doors, trim, railings and door handles.
  • Finalize countertop selections
  • Finalize hardwood floor and tile selection
  • Finalize light and plumbing fixture selections


Your house will start to look more like a home as the walls are insulated, as well as covered, taped and textured, during the drywall stage. Now that your rooms are starting to take shape, we will need the following items:

  • Start interior paint color selections
  • Start closet shelving design
  • Start carpet selections
  • Finalize landscape layout/design


During this step, crews will be adding the trim pieces to your home. Installing custom built-ins, setting the interior doors and adding the base and case for your windows and doors all go into the custom detailing of your home. Here’s what’s coming up next on your list:

  • Finalize interior paint color selections
  • Finalize cabinet hardware
  • Finalize closet design
  • Finalize countertop selections
  • Finalize carpet selections and wood floor stain color


Our painter will be prepping and priming the walls before they apply your carefully chosen paint colors to the walls and ceilings of the interior, followed by any exterior painting. Staining and finishing the woodwork will also be happening. You’re in the home stretch! Here’s what’s next:

  • Contact your phone/cable/internet provider to schedule installation of services


The finishing touches are coming your way! Laying tile, sanding, staining/applying polyurethane coat to the floor, hanging fixtures, applying the electrical outlets/switches, setting countertops, installing plumbing fixtures/door handles and landscaping, along with final touch-ups, will be taking place during this final step.

  • Finalize all bathroom fixture placement (TP holder, towel rings and towel bars)


  • Deliver and install all remaining appliances
  • Start-up electrical and HVAC system
  • Clean windows
  • Walk through with you to make sure everything is right